We believe in providing personal support and consultancy throughout the complete data collection and reporting process and so our service includes:

  • a meeting with you to discuss your objectives and which measurement instrument is most appropriate to your organisational needs
  • the construction of the questionnaire for your input of organisational knowledge, terminology, cultural sensitivities and language
  • assistance with communication to your stakeholder groups about the survey, its objectives, security, and confidentiality
  • live launch of the survey with guidance to participants and  the completion deadline
  • regular updates on progress and completion rates so that reminders can be sent
  • running the data, doing analysis of findings, and compiling a report with observations and recommendations. These are compiled by an experienced consultant, not a computer algorithm
  • a full set of top-line data provided electronically for easy sharing
  • presentation of the data, analysis, report and observations

We are able to:

  • run different data cuts to drill into the data to add perspective
  • alternatively provide you with a license and tuition to access the data with a safeguard on confidentiality
  • advise on feedback to your stakeholders and provide feedback materials
  • consult with you and help implement resulting actions