Employee Survey Tools

People can participate on desk top, tablet, or smart phone

Q4:metrics® is an unique suite of survey instruments developed since 2003 by Q4 consulting, with our clients and functional experts to help you examine some of the critical factors in people management, stakeholder engagement, and links to organisational performance.

Q Profiler – Employee Engagement Tool

Employee engagement
Attraction & Retention
Talent management
Organisation development
Employer brand

The Q4 Profiler

The Q4 Profiler™: examines the systemic nature of the employer: employee relationship in twelve dimensions. It is designed to support employee engagement, employer branding, talent management, organisation development, and attraction and retention strategies. It delivers unparalleled understanding of the current organisational climate and employee engagement.

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Communique – Communication Audit

Communication style, context, process, management
Intent and effect
Impact on attitude and performance


Communique™ helps you discover the real impact of your communication channels and activities. Find out what is important to people and how they wish to be involved. Discover how differences in communication and management style might impact attitude and performance.

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Total Rewards – Assess Reward Strategies

Reward strategy
Perceived value

Total rewards

Total Rewards Map™: assesses the effectiveness of reward strategies. Design, delivery, outcomes, and intrinsic rewards are considered along with inter-dependent issues including: business strategy, performance management, and communication. Content is designed to suit specific requirements.

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Pulse survey
“Listening” activities
Change readiness
or totally bespoke

Vital signs

Vital Signs™:  a tool which can be used to take the “pulse” of your organisation. Perceptions and opinions on critical or current issues can be examined quickly and acted upon. Alternatively, you can use it on a planned programme of “listening” activities to keep in touch with the issues that are important to your stakeholders; or use it for a change-readiness assessment.

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