Thank you for visiting the new Q4:metrics® website.

A while ago we completely re-wrote the software platform on which the audit and survey instruments run to improve speed and flexibility. In the process we were able to keep all of our accumulated data as well as the integrity of the survey tools themselves. And we don’t rest there, we continually seek to develop and improve.

All survey tools are practical, pragmatic, easy to use, and produce actionable results. Something that clients really value as it helps them prioritise resultant actions within their organisation.

The instruments are also flexible so that they can accommodate your priorities, terminology and cultural sensitivities. Currently 22 languages are catered for and others can be easily added.

We also added responsive technology across the full suite of survey tools so that people can participate on computer, tablet or smart phone. For those without computer access we produce hard copy questionnaires.

I am pleased to get involved in all exercises and I ensure that you receive the best possible support and advice.

Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat.

Alan Crozier - Managing Director at Q4 MetricsAlan Crozier
Managing Director

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