Total Rewards – Assess Reward StrategiesTotal Rewards Map™: assesses the effectiveness of reward strategies. Design, delivery, outcomes, and intrinsic rewards are considered along with inter-dependent issues including: business strategy, performance management, and communication. Content is designed to suit specific requirements.

The Total Rewards Map™ is a web-enabled tool which canvasses the views of the HR professionals and employees separately, on total reward and related issues. The tool is easy to access and complete (about 15 mins). As a standard instrument it is cost-effective to use and saves you time and money in the discover/design phase of reward strategy.

It collects data by having statements scored on a Likert scale and allocated to one of eight Dimensions. Scores are “weighted mean” scores for each Dimension and you will receive the data for every question. You can therefore concentrate on the intent and effect of reward strategy; as well as find out which elements of the package are important and valued.


Total Rewards MapAre your reward policies and processes aligned with your business strategy and values; and are they fully understood by employees?


Is delivery clear, consistent and fair?

Perceived value

Do people appreciate the package they have; what do they value; and would they trade or pay for different elements of the package?


Is your reward philosophy working as intended? Does it help performance, retention, or does it hinder attrition?

Sample output

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