From our surveys over twelve years covering thousands of employees in most sectors in thirty-six countries, we found some interesting results.

In one section of the questionnaire, participants are asked what attracted them to their current employer. They are given a list of about twenty options covering a wide range of attributes from which they are asked to rank their top three reasons for joining their organisation.

Given the geographical and industry-sector spread of the accumulated data, we were surprised at the consistency of response.

  • In first place is: The prospect of challenging work.
  • Slightly behind in second spot is: The prospect of personal development.
  • And a long way behind in third place is: Better work: life balance.

If these findings are replicated across other organisations (and why wouldn’t they be?) are recruitment strategies properly aligned? Are these attributes embedded in the employee value proposition? And of course what part do they play in motivating and retaining talent?

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