Employee engagement, we all know and accept is a significant driver of performance. Most organisations try to get a measure on engagement regularly using one of the many tools available. Our own Q4 Profiler has been highly successful over the last 12 years in helping organisations, with a sophisticated approach to human resources, get data to help their planning for engagement, organisation development, and their employer brand.

However engagement is important for all organisations. A company with 200 people with 15% disengaged will be affected to a greater extent than a business with 5000 and 15% disengaged.

And these organisations with lower numbers or a small HR function don’t need the complexity of data and analysis provided by comprehensive surveys.

That’s why we’ve developed Precis.

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Introducing Precis

Precis uses the same definition, criteria, and questions to assess engagement as the Q4 Profiler and that’s essentially what it does. We have created the questions around the key drivers of engagement and grouped them in six Dimensions.

As well as reporting on the six Dimensions of engagement, we examine: Alignment; Commitment; Trust; Organisational Engagement; Employee Engagement.

This instrument can be used by any organisation but we believe it will be attractive to those wishing to get straight to the heart of engagement without a lot of the contextual data around policies and processes.

A key outcome of course is the ability to see what is driving engagement and what can be done to imrove engagement going forward.

Visit [http://www.q4metrics.com] for more information about our surveys or contact us for a no obligation chat.

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