Exploring the negative
Having explored the attractors and motivators, it is also important to understand what, if not considered at least satisfactory, would cause people to look for employment elsewhere.
Again people were given a list of about twenty possible ‘triggers’ that might cause them to consider their position and look around for something else.
In pole position: Pay is below expectations
Secondly, a short way behind: Contribution not being recognised
And third, also a short way behind: Limited development opportunities.
It is perhaps not surprising that pay is top of the list, after all people wouldn’t normally move for less money; and an employee’s view of their worth isn’t always based on market realities. In surveys of course, one only gets answers to the questions asked. Very often more lies behind it.
It is often said that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. While ‘poor manager’ is an option in the question, it rarely scores highly. One wonders though whether it is management decisions and or communication that lead people to believe that they are underpaid, not being properly recognised, or not being developed. That looks like an intrinsic reward and leadership issue.

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